Welcome to the wiki of this website! If you're reading this, then you're probably the new webmaster or someone who wants to learn how the website works. In either case, welcome :) My name is Peter Kim (Zeta Sigma - Fall 2014) and I created this website during the winter break of my junior year at my time as a UCLA undergrad. You can contact me through my school email or Facebook if you have further inquires about the website, but I hope most, if not all, of the information you seek can be found in this wiki. Feel free to improve this wiki in any way you can.

Before I get started, I strongly advise you to just explore around the Squarespace navigation and controls as honestly, knowing those will help you more in your endeavors to update/improve the website. The interface is very intuitive once you get the hang of it. 

How to update the Rush page?

Updating the rush page should be a very straightforward and easy process. Once you're in the Rush Info page, you can hover over the elements that you wish to update and you'll see the controls appearing in an intuitive manner.

Rush Sponsors

To edit the sponsors appearing on the sponsors section, look at the left section of the interface titled Not Linked pages. You will see a list of gallery collections and one of them will be named Rush Sponsors. Click and open that up and you will see a list of images of our sponsors. You can perform standard operations of adding/editing/deleting the images here as the interface should be obvious.

Rush Calendar

To edit the calendar, open up the Rush Calendar collection that should be right under Rush Sponsors. To edit an event, hover over and click them and you will see an Edit and Delete option. Clicking edit, you should first see the date/time of the event which you can change accordingly. If you click the Options tab, you will be able to change the thumbnail image and the description (titled Excerpt).

Rush Application

To edit the online rush app, hover over the START RUSH APPLICATION button and you will see an Edit button (like so many others) for the form. Click it and you will be presented with all the elements of the form (it might lag a bit cause there's quite a lot). Here, you can add/edit these forms to cater to your specific pledge quarter and VPM.

Now, click the Storage tab and you will see that the responses to this form are collected automatically into a Google Spreadsheet with the given name that you can change at any time!

How to change the email that the contact form responses to go?

On the Contact page, there is a form that collects all general inquiries, and sends it off to el presidente directly. This is how I set it for my years at AKPsi but this can change to anyone you wish it to (including yoself). To change the email linked to the form, just edit the Form block, and under the Storage tab, you will see an email section. Edit that to whatever you wish and it's as easy as that. You can submit a test form to see if it's working properly too.

How to setup an email for the VPM?

Remember your VPM's email? Well, it's your duty to set it up now! Don't worry, it's super easy! Click <- Home on the top left corner of the interface to get you to the command center (You can explore this better to understand the interface). Click Settings, then Email. Here, you can add a new user. For first and last name, put Mr and Huang (for example), respectively. Fill out the rest of short form and that's it!


In the same menu from before where you can add new emails, remember to delete the past ones! Every email account we have active charges $5 every month! So if you see 4 emails active, it's going to charge $20 per month... So yeah, delete the past one's as soon as you can to save the chapter some money.

How to update the brothers? (Add/edit/delete, etc.)

If you look at the Not Linked pages section of the left pages menu, you will see a list of gallery collections with their respective pledge class names. Intuitively, each collection corresponds the pledge class and you can perform the standard operations of adding/editing/deleting in the collections themselves. This part should be very intuitive and obvious. Nothing fancy here. Just remember that the order of the brothers appearing in the collection is the order that they will appear on the actual brothers page i.e. they're not automagically sorted alphabetically so you have to just do that yourself. I'm probably confusing you even more by writing about this but just play around with it and you'll understand.

The same corresponds to the executive boards page as you'll see the respective board groups (E-Board, J-Board, Appointed-Board) so don't forget to update those along the way.


Adding/Deleting a Pledge Class

Adding/deleting a pledge class is very simple as well: you literally just add or delete the collection :) 

These next two parts, you'll benefit if you have coding experience (specifically basic Javascript, jQuery, CSS). If not, do not be alarmed! I've explained every part in layman's terms so if you can read English you can do this! 

How to update the contact info for each brother?

By contact info, I refer to their respective email and Linkedin information (if they provide one). When you're editing the content of the brothers page, you will see a code block at the very top. Click "Edit" to open up the code block and see the glorious innerworkings. I've commented each section of my code and you'll find that it's not hard to navigate through as I've made certain design choices that are easy to scale and modify. TL;DR: read through the code, and you'll understand it.

How to add new tables to the careers page?

This part, again, open up the code block on the careers page and read through the code first. You'll see that it's not too hard.