Dear Rushee,

It’s your story, and everyone loves a good story.

The way you brand yourself is how you sell yourself, and personal brands are all built upon great stories. Stories sell. Stories make ideas stick. Stories help us persuade, inspire and achieve.

So think about who you want to be when you graduate. The people you surround yourself with will define the person you become. Beyond the professional and academic resources, the experiences and relationships within our fraternity is what makes me proud to say that Alpha Kappa Psi is a big part of my story.

I would like to personally invite you to come out to Alpha Kappa Psi’s Fall 2017 rush, to meet over 60 inspiring individuals, out of many more, who have helped write my story at UCLA. These amazing people could potentially be your brothers too; why not come out to rush and see if Alpha Kappa Psi should be the next chapter in your story?

Andrew Kwik

Director of Marketing | Fall 2017

Rush Info.png

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