Dear Rushee,

This is my last year at UCLA. Crazy right? Feels like it was just yesterday when I was an excited, nervous wreck of a freshman who pronounced De Neve as De Neeve.

The college experience can go a myriad of ways. Between joining different campus organizations, switching between multiple majors, living with several roommates, studying abroad, completing internships—the possibilities are endless, and each can transform your years here.

Though I can’t tell you which decisions are best or right for you, personally, I can tell you that there’s no way I’d rather spend my last year here than with my family in Alpha Kappa Psi.

Just like you, each and every one of my brothers is unique in his or her own way. But all of them are extremely talented, passionate and determined human beings who work hard and strive even harder to achieve their dreams. They are also some of the most kind and fun-loving people I have met in life, and I have a ton of fond memories to back that up with. I would not trade this college experience, and them, for anything else in the world.

The idea of rushing can be intimidating—trust me, I get it. It might seem like you’re surrounded by incredibly accomplished and admirable individuals, many of them strangers to you. But, I want you to remember that we’re just like you, a family of people who also bond over simpy late night talks, constantly make fun of each other, eat our hearts out each weekend and look out for one another in every circumstance. If these sound like the type of people you can talk to and be yourself with, you’re in the right place.

I am so happy to welcome you to come out to our Fall Recruitment to meet the 60 active brothers who have made UCLA an unforgettable time for me.

You only go through college once, so why not try out something new?

You just might surprise yourself by what it brings.

Kevin Liu
Director of Marketing

Copy of Kevin Liu

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