Dear Rushee,

This fall marks the beginning of my third year at UCLA. I remember sitting in my lectures freshman year, dazzled by my brilliant classmates and professors. Now, after two years, I am still continuously amazed and inspired by the people I meet. And at Alpha Kappa Psi, I’ve met a group of people who have stood out to me not only because of their intellect, but for so many other reasons.

I can tell you professionally, the people at Alpha Kappa Psi have accomplished much. Actuaries, consultants, bankers, engineers, and more, each person’s drive and passion is unmatched, and where they will go in the future is exciting. Beyond their resumés, however, I can also tell you about why I’m lucky to call these people my brothers. About the support I felt when I changed career paths. About all the late night, soul-searching talks. About all the new experiences we’ve shared together. About how I can look back at the me two years ago and see how much more confident and braver I’ve grown because of the people around me.

So whether you’re an incoming first year who is nervous for what is to come or someone gearing up for another round, I encourage you to come out to our Fall Recruitment and get to know our members. See for yourself all the qualities that make Alpha Kappa Psi shine, and take the first step to surrounding yourself with people that will help you thrive.

Ashley Miao

Director of Marketing, Fall 2018



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